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Eastvale News

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Press-EnterpriseWhy a 3-year-old Eastvale girl is closer to her dream of dancingPress-EnterpriseA 3-year-old Eastvale girl who inspired others to post videos of themselves dancing is one step closer to affording a surgery that could allow her to dance. In July, Christina Smallwood began the Do You Dare to Dance challenge to raise money for a ...
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Los Angeles TimesBoys' basketball: Jemarl Baker will make it through four years at Eastvale RooseveltLos Angeles TimesEric SondheimerContact ReporterVarsity Times Insider. Classes have begun at Eastvale Roosevelt, and standout senior guard Jemarl Baker is there. He won't be one of the nearly 16,000 athletes who transferred during the 2015-16 school year in California.
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Press-EnterpriseWork to start on Eastvale's newest schoolPress-EnterpriseThe room will bring welcome relief to Eastvale's Ronald Reagan and Rosa Parks elementary schools, which have enrollments of about 1,300 and 1,700 respectively. he saod. Building Rondo should reduce class sizes at those schools by several students to ...
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Press-EnterpriseEASTVALE: How one big-hearted community danced to help a little girl with Cerebral PalsyPress-EnterpriseThree-year-old Finley Smallwood of Eastvale, who has Cerebral Palsy, stays safe in her mother Christina Smallwood's arms as dad Josh Smallwood, right thanks the thousands of people attending the dance-along fundraiser in Harada Heritage Park in ...
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