Community Advertising is a great way to advertise your business to the community. Here are the reasons:

*High local visitor count. Our homepage gets hundreds of unique visits per day and our forums are around 2,000 local visitors per month (see traffic stats here).

*Local traffic. Since you have to be a verified resident of Eastvale, our forums traffic is very high for LOCAL traffic.

*Low rates. Web advertising can be pricey. We offer low rates with no contracts. All advertising are month to month. Start and finish anytime.

*Banner creation. Our banner sizes are 701x91 px. We will make your banner for you and place it on the site.

*Google traffic. Our forums are highly indexed in Google and other search engines bringing massive visibility to your ad.

Advertising Prices

Max # of Ads Per Zone 
 Availability Home page Zone 1
$80.00 per month
SOLD OUT Home page Zone 2
$55.00 per month
Forum Zone 1
$65.00 per month
Forum Zone 2
$55.00 per month

Zone Descriptions Home page Zone 1

Zone 1 Gives you premiere placement on the home page by giving you visibility on the top header as well as the bottom footer the bottom footer is seen on all pages on the including the community directory. Limit 2 advertisers per zone.

Forum Zone 1 (our most popular zone)

Forum Zone 1 places your banner ad on the top of every page in the forums.  This includes arcade, private messages, reviews and classifieds. Even unregistered visitors see your ad. Limit 6 advertisers per zone.

Forum Zone 2

Forum Zone 2 places your ad at the bottom footer of each page in the forum. This includes arcade, private messages, reviews and classifieds.Limit 6 advertisers per zone.

There is a maximim number of 6 ads per zone. Each page load displays a random advertisement in that zone. To make sure all advertisers get equal visibility we limit it to 6 ads in each zone.

Images Descriptions of each zone. Home page Zone 1 Home page Zone 2

Forum Zone 1
Forum Zone 2

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