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--Eastvale Residents Bulletin Board GUIDELINES--

  1. Usernames
    Usernames are limited to 12 characters. Actual name, nickname, or online handles are acceptable except for business names or occupations. Forum moderators and board owners have the right to change or disallow usernames once submitted for registration.
  2. All messages are subject to approval. Moderators may choose to reject messages that are not aligned with these guidelines. Do not e-mail or use the forum’s PM system to argue.  Subject headings may be edited as necessary, but message content will never be changed.
  3. This is an open forum. We encourage all group members to share their knowledge and experiences with the other members. Debate is welcome. Argument is not.  State your opinions, beliefs, or research without rancor, threat, or insult.
  4. No Flaming, Trolling, Swearing, or Spamming.  Flaming is insulting or criticizing people or their opinions.  Trolling is posting content designed to inflame, incite, or that has no purpose other than to annoy or provoke an angry response.  Do not flame another member off-list either. If it is reported, you might be removed from the forum.  Swearing is not permitted.  Do not pass on, chain letters, or urban legends to the group.  Those cute/funny/scary stories that you are supposed to forward to everyone you know are JUNK and will be deleted.

This is not a forum for marketing your business; occasional announcements of sales or specials should go in the Marketplace.  Promoting special events or fundraisers are allowed in the General Discussion forum, but regular or repetitive posts of this nature could be considered abuse and result in the user’s privileges being restricted. 

  1. Anything about the community may be discussed here with the exception of religion, or non-regional politics. Community political discussions are allowed as applicable, but don't get out of hand (see nos. 2 and 3). Questions about where to find religious services are acceptable.
  2. Use the Subject Heading effectively.  Create a concise subject that adequately summarizes your topic.  Not everyone has time for reading all group postings. To ensure that your message reaches the right audience, identify your topic clearly in the subject. This will not only aid you getting your question answered but will also assist people doing searches in the future.
  3. You are encouraged to reply to posts with part of the original message quoted in the text; delete the rest. This helps people follow the topic if several people are posting. However please try to only quote the relevant part of the original not the whole thread.
  4. Private Messaging

You are limited to sending Private Messages to two users at a time. Sending unwanted PM’s to users repeatedly is also against the rules.  This includes unsolicited ads and business promotions.  Violators may be placed in a restricted group or banned from the forum.

Users are given the privilege of using images in various places throughout the site including Avatars, Signatures, Profile photos, and within thread posts.  Please practice discretion when selecting images to display.  Inappropriate images will not be allowed and are defined as images of a sexual nature, defamatory, or harassing to other members.  No business logos will be allowed with the exception of a non-text logo.  Other images that are not permitted may include, but are not explicitly limited to, links to pirated software ("warez"), files, videos or images that are determined to be copyrighted by the original websites or owners that are termed 'not for redistribution' in their terms of service, or links to content that violates forum intellectual property rules.

Users are given the privilege of placing avatars in their account for purposes of customization and entertainment.  Moderators and forum administrators have the right to remove  any images that do not adhere to the above image guidelines with or without notification to the member(s). The use of a non-text business logo is acceptable, but references to emails, phone numbers or contact information is not permitted.

Users are given the privilege of having a signature. Signatures can be text and/or images. The text limit for signatures is listed in the signature edit box. Moderators and forum administrators have the right to edit or remove inappropriate signatures without notification to the member(s).

Profile Pictures
Each member is given the privilege of having a profile picture. This is allowed for customization and entertainment purposes. Moderators and forum administrators have the right to remove any inappropriate images without notification to the member.

User Titles
Each member is given the privilege of having a custom user title. Please do not use your user title for contact information, which means no phone numbers, e-mail addresses. Titles that reference or imply a business solicitation or business opportunity are not permitted and you can be restricted to no signature. Moderators and forum administrators have the right to remove titles with or without notification to the member and revocation of that privilege.

Multiple Posts
We know it will take time to get acquainted with what belongs where, but whenever possible, please remember to post in the most appropriate forum for your content. For instance, business or service marketing posts belong in the Marketplace forum. Moderators and forum administrators have the right to move posts the the correct forum or delete them altogether. Do not post the same message in multiple areas of the site. This is considered a violation of the rules and you are subject to a limited user status or banned from the forum.


Active Membership
If you have not visited the forum in 30 days, you will be given an e-mail asking you to click on the link to re-visit the forum within 7 days. If you do not visit the forum within 7 days of receiving the e-mail reminder, your account will be deleted. We do this to ensure we have an accurate membership count.
Please use the text formatting features in the messages sparingly (aka, vB code or HTML). 

Restricted User Status
Violators will either be placed in a restricted user status or be banned from logging in to the forums. Limited User status may be limited, but not restricted to the following privileges being removed:
No Private Messaging Features
No Signatures allowed
No Avatar permitted
No Profile Picture
No HTML in posts
Images In Posts.
Read only status
Chat status restricted
Arcade access restricted
New Thread creation restricted.

 --Search the archives before you post your topic. We feature a powerful search function and all users are encouraged to use it. When you are in a forum, you can search that forum. When you are reading a thread in that forum, you can search that thread. You can also search the entire forum anytime by clicking on the Advanced Search option. Your question or comment may have already been discussed, answered, or resolved. Repeated questions that can be found by searching the forum may be deleted. 
--Remember the Human - The other people on this forum are real. They are your neighbors. They have feelings. Please respect your neighbors; they are here to help you.
--Adhere to the same standards of behavior online that you follow in real life - If you wouldn't say it to someone's face then don't say it on the groups.  Chances are you might eventually end up face to face.
--Share expert knowledge - If you benefit from the information on the group then it would be nice if you could pay back the community by assisting others in turn.
--Be forgiving of other people's mistakes - Nobody's perfect.
--Be patient - All the participants of this forum are using the forum and participating in discussions on their own time.  Including the moderators.  It may take time for your post to go through.  Also, if you post a question and no one responds, you should not take it personally. If someone knows the answer, they'll contribute. If they don't, they won't.